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General Information
            For information about Wingspan Air Heritage Foundation; information about the Website; Aircraft & Vehicle Collections; donations, requests for event participation.

Wingspan Air Heritage Foundation
Falcon Field
PO Box 21268
Mesa, AZ  85277

For information on our aircraft, donation of aircraft, aircraft histories, etc.

Robert Kropp
Director of Aircraft Collections

Vehicles & Militaria
For information on our vehicle collections, requests for event participation with our vehicles; information on miliatra (uniforms, artifacts, etc.), donation of vehicles and militaria.

Matthew Walker
Director of Military Vehicles & Militaria

Events, Public Relations & Media, Donations (all types); Support

Jeff Furnari
President, Executive Director

Photograph Credits, Information & Conditions of Use

            Unless otherwise noted, many of the photographic images are from the National Archives and are considered public domain. All other photographs are used with permission and subject to the copyright laws, and permission must be obtained for usage. The exception is images used from the Harry S. Truman Library, which are also considered public domain.

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