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   Patriotism Today, a Casual Observation Pt. 2


            I would say that Patriotism is best defined by the individual, and not too surprisingly, people have their own definitions of patriotism, and for the most part, all very similar at that. Let’s sample just a few statements I have heard from folks visiting our museum in brief, regarding their patriotic beliefs, and I will give credit where I can:


1.)    "I served my country against the tyranny of oppressing nations."  -WWII Veteran that served in the South Pacific.

2.)    "Freedom. Just that." -Passer Byer

3.)    "To be proud of my country and for what we stand for: the individual."  -Unknown

4.)    "The right to bear arms."  -Father and his teenage son

5.)    "To stand up against our loss of freedoms and living by our constitution."  -A host of people said this or something very similar

6.)    "I did two tours during Desert Storm; every generation in my family has served in the army since General Pershing."  -Desert Storm Veteran

            I see families coming in and teaching their children about the freedoms in America, and to respect, thank, and appreciate our veterans. But that’s not all.

            I have spoken with those people who have emigrated from other countries and have become citizens seem to go even farther when patriotism is concerned. They left their own countries to find a new life in America, coming from places like Lebanon, Austria, Mexico, England, Scotland, France, and Germany (just to name a few). I find these folks are adamant about the freedom they have found in this great country of ours, and are willing to defend it.

            Our veterans understand patriotism clearly. The older vets enjoy speaking about patriotism to a younger generation; more recent generations are living it (patriotism) and are in turn a living example for others. I have spoken with active duty men and women who believe in what they are doing in the service, to defend our Constitution. The folks I run into that meet a veteran from any generation usually have a feeling of gratitude for their service and a renewed respect for our country. It also shows us that the every day people are the ones who defend our country and our freedoms. does this all come together?




            Coming next, Part III of  "Patriotism Today, a Causal Observation."