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   Patriotism Today, a Casual Observation Part III

The final segment of "Patriotism Today...


            I have noticed, just by speaking with and listening to the visitors that come into our museum, that many folks believe they are patriotic, and though most beliefs are very similar, the definition of being "patriotic" can sometimes be different from individual to individual.

            So what do I see as Patriotism?  When I see a Color Guard doing the Presentation of Colors, I feel proud. When I hear "Taps" being played over the passing of one our veterans, with the guns firing, I feel deep respect. When the Star Spangled Banner is played during any occasion, I feel like an American; believing in the Stars and Stripes and, what the flag means to have gained our independence over 200 years ago. The flag has evolved over the years since the 1700’s, but the meaning is the same, we are Americans and we are free, and we have the Constitution as written proof.

            What can be learned from all of this? I found that those people that we have "listened" to at our museum are not a part of any Right or Left group or organization (other than perhaps an organization such as the the VFW or the American Legion), and these folks display a high level of patriotism. Webster’s defines Patriotism as "Love for or devotion to one’s country." However, from what I’ve gathered, and simply put, Patriotism is: "Country first." Period. If one understands our history, this also defines freedom. "Country" is people. Again, though definitions are very similar from one individual to another, those differences are few; and the majority are not "pro" anything, except their love of country. Patriots. ...Patriots.