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   Our Vietnam Veterans


           In early July, 2012, Wingspan Air will launch a display honoring our Vietnam Veterans. Since the WAHF is all about veterans first, you can be assured there will be numerous personal accounts and special guests throughout the running of the display, who have offered to share their experiences.

            Veterans who were in Vietnam, and who served in the surrounding countries involved in the war, served during one of the most emotionally charged times in history. Among the politics, demonstrations and the like, it was a time of a change of thinking. In fact, whether true or correct or not, I personally give credit to our Vietnam veterans for ushering in a new generation of thinking. I say this with sincere respect. The credit is theirs. These service men and women faced the challenges of service during the 1960s and early 1970s, then they faced the challenges at home. Some who served made the military their first career, others left the service and went out into all aspects of the working world.  They are, Our Veterans.

            I hope that with the upcoming January display, we can show our gratitude and thanks by bringing attention to, supporting, and honoring our veterans that served and died in Vietnam. Show, and not just in words. Again, they are, Our Veterans.

Jeff Furnari

President, Executive Director

*Note:   We have already had numerous people and some organizations contact us to offer assistance for the display. If you would like to help, please contact us at either our info email address, or call us at (480) 924.5543.