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   The USS Midway

The USS Midway

             We are beginning to run a display this summer featuring Our Veterans of the South Pacific Theater in WWII.  I feel very privileged to be able to speak with those vets who served in the South Pacific, as they always give insight to how they experienced the war, many times shedding light on events you will never read about in the history books.

             This past weekend while in San Diego, CA, we took a trip to visit the USS Midway, moored at the Navy Pier, downtown.  To hear the vets speak of their work on an aircraft carrier is an honor; to experience the aircraft carrier itself… became all the more real.

             Besides the Flight Deck and Hangar Deck, we toured the Officer’s Mess area and Kitchen area (13,000 meals served there daily), plus the medical and dental facilities just to name a few of the areas you can tour. The kitchens were spotless, and dustless for all that matters. The large vats that were used to make beef soup and navy bean soup were polished stainless...but you could still smell the beef after all these years. Amazing considering the last meal was probaly served from there in 1992.

 The tour through the bridge was exceptional, conducted by Alan; a former A-6 Intruder driver now turned docent. Our Bridge Docent handled our group like any experienced officer, and it was a pleasure to learn about the operations conducted there. The Bridge Tours conducted are continuous, and amazingly enough, where some museums experience 2,500 to 3,000 visitor a month, the USS Midway Museum as a whole, can easily do this in just one day.

             I certainly believe in promoting other organizations that are sincere in what they do. Believe in what they do. Then do it.  I recommended seeing the USS Midway if you are ever in the area. The docents are pleasant, volunteers hard at work everywhere, veterans being remembered and honored.

             My sincere thanks to the USS Midway Museum and to the very hard working volunteers that help keep and make the museum what it is.


—J. Furnari

President, Executive Director