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Welcome to the “Our Veterans” page. From this starting point, you will be able learn about our veterans service histories from various time periods beginning decades ago to present.  You will be able to search through numerous histories for a personal insight into the lives our service men and women; and what it is and was like for them to serve in the armed forces.

            The histories are gathered and compiled by personal interviews; some histories were compiled by contributing authors; and some of the stories and histories were contributed by the families of those veteran’s who are no longer with us.

            Together, along with original photographs, (upcoming) film footage, and interviews, we have recorded and preserved pages in history—we honor, remember, and preserved the names of these numerous individuals:  Our Veterans.

Please see our Author’s page for more information about the individuals who have done the research, conducted interviews, and have written the amazing biographies and histories.

*Note:  At the moment, we are currently putting the finishing touches to the next Veteran’s Service Histories, so at this time there are little histories available. The “Our Veteran’s” page section will be updated on a regular basis.